The Middle School founded by the Jesuits in New York more than 30 years ago

The Nativity model is a middle school which seeks to provide a quality education, integrated with personal, moral and spiritual development, for students of low-income urban families, who would not otherwise have access to such an education. In addition to the programs of a middle school, the Nativity model includes educational programs and activities throughout an extended day and in the summer. Through its preparatory programs and through guidance during the student’s further education, the Nativity model is designed to transform the life and aspirations of each student so as to encourage a student with strong motivation and parental support to realize his or her fullest human potential as a productive member of society and as a leader and role-model in his or her family and community. The schools have a low student to teacher ratio (10-12 pupils) and are small schools (70-90 pupils), which makes it easier for them to give students individual attention.

The program takes a comprehensive approach to student development, characterized by high academic expectations, moral and spiritual values, small classes, a supportive family-type educational community and an exceptionally dedicated faculty and staff. The Judeo-Christian values which have inspired the Nativity model include a respect for the dignity and potential of each person, a responsibility to assist the poor and those in need, a strong sense of community within the one family of God, and the obligation to promote a society characterized by social justice. In this Nativity model students are enrolled without regard to race, color, religion or ethnicity.

Essential features of the Nativity school

• Essentially a middle school (In the Czech Rep. classes 6-9 of primary school)
• The school is situated within the grasp of the city transport
• Quality education: academic, physical, social, moral and spiritual development
• For able students from incomplete, socially-disadvantaged , or low-income urban families and from ethnic minorities who would not otherwise have access to such an education
• Not tuition driven
• Faith-based
• Small classes (12-13 pupils)
• Extended day (7.50-17.20)
• Extended year (summer program)
• Parental involvement
• Support during the high school years

The Nativity school in the northern part of the Czech Republic

The Czech Province of the Society of Jesus founded  the Nativity school in the northern part of the Czech Republic. The town in the north of Bohemia called Děčín was chosen for this project. We were welcomed by municipal authorities and by several cooperating NGOs in Děčín. Czech Nativity school is situated in an old school building in Děčín – Křešice

For our project we are looking for national and international collaboration of people and organizations, willing to invest their time and energy for renewal of Europe.

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Potoční 51
407 11 Děčín XXXI

+420 733 225 822

Founder of the school::
Czech Province
Ječná 2,
120 00, Praha 2
Czech Republic